ISWS Implement following project in last 26 Years

Swarn Jayanti Gramin Swarojgar Yojna (2002 to 2015)

Under this project, ISWS work in 8 Block of Gondia District. Form 3000 SHG, linked withbank and provide loan, provide skill base training and capacity building training. This project isimplement under the provision of Govt of INDIA and State govt through District Rural Development Agency.

Rastriya Sam-Vikas Yojna (2003 to 2009)

Under this project, ISWS form 773 SHG. Provide bank linkage,loan, skill base training ( candle making, incense stick making, bamboo arts) This project is implement under the provision of Govt of INDIA and State govt through District Rural Development Agency

A multidimensional Approch to Education Excellence in Rural Maharashtra(Samaj Shala Project) (2007 to 2009)

ISWS implement this program to promote quality and equity in primary education. This project was implemented at KHARRA Zilla Parishad Primary School. ISWS adopt this school for 3years.

Special compound Project (Ramabai Mahila Shakshamikaran Programme) (2004 to 2011)

This program forms SHG specially for scheduled caste womens and their social, economical development . This program was supported by MAVIM.

Jal Swaraj Project (2005 to 2011)

This program was executed by ISWS for solving the water related problems and aware the people about it. This program is supported by Z.P GONDIA and Govt Of Maharashtra. Activities of this program was to make village clean and beautiful, water planning in the villages and skill base training on livelihood to SHG. ISWS worked in 13 [Thirteen] villages.

Integrated Rural Development Program (2003 to 2020)

This project was carried out for empowerment of adolescent girls in tribal region. To make them economically self sufficient and empower. This project is grant by TDSS Pune at 30 villages.

BRGF (2008 to 2015)

It was a scheme of central govt implemented for development of backward region. ISWS worked in two block of Gondia District i.e Gondia and Salekasa. ISWS provide transcriptions to GP Members, Govt.employee, officer , anganwadi sevika. Main objectives of this program is to build up capacity, raise human development in backward region , increase opportunity of work and to fill gap between develop and undeveloped region.

Acceleration of Universal Salt Iodinization Consumption in Maharashtra & Promotion of Child Survival (2006 to 2008)

This program was structured by UNICEF and WCD of Maharashtra through VHAM Wardha. ISWS works was to counseling about IMR &MMR reduction, counseling for hospital deliveries, awarerness about iodinize salt, and promotion of child survivals.

Leprosy Elimination Action Program (2006 to 2013)

Main purpose of this program was to reduced the leprosy patient from the tribal area, create awerness about leprosy, identify suspected leprosy patient. ISWS implemented this program for 6 years in Gondia district and bhandara District. This program is supported by Alert India Mumbaiand Aneswad Foundation Spen. ISWS performing role of lead NGO in Gondia District.

Panchayat Raj Training Program (2004 to 2007)

This program was arranged at 2 block of Gondia District and 1 block of Bhandara.  Foundation Spen. ISWS performing role of lead NGO in Gondia District.

Digaster and People Right Program (2004 to 2008)

This program was implemented for safety and healthy environment for the people affected by troma and floods. ISWS worked in 34 villages of 3 block of Gondia District which are affected by flood. This project is supported by Child Relief and You( CRY).

Integrated Watershed Management Program (2011 to 2018)

In association with YASHDA and Agriculture department, ISWS implemented this program in 2 district , Gondia and Jalgaon. Past ISWS worked in Gondia at 91 villages and at present ISWS working at jalgaon. Role of ISWS is to provide capacity trainings to viilage community, user group as a LRA and PTO

Microfinance program (2013 to 2019)

In association with Nabard Financial Services Limited (NABFINS), ISWS providing micro finance service to SHG of Gondia District. ISWS is a business correspondent of NABFINS. 682 SHG are the beneficiaries of this program.


  1. Rural Enterprise Development Program (2007 to 2012) It was a scheme of NABARD implemented by ISWS at tribal region Salekasa. Training was given on Lather and Cloth Bag making. Through this 8 trainiee has established their own units.
  2. Formation Of Farmers Club (2009 to 2015) Farmer club is a group of farmer formed under NABARD. Under this program, financial help is provided by NABARD. This program was implemented by ISWS and form 268 farmers clubs at 7 block of Gondia District.
  3. Add-on SHG Bank Linkage Program (2009 to 2014) In association with NABARD, ISWS form 450 SHG , linked with bank, provide livelihood training, capacity building training and leadership training.
  4. Left Wing Extrimities (2012 to 2019)  In association with NABARD, ISWS form 243 women SHG in 2 blocks of Gondia District. SHG included BPL and Non-BPL members. Linking with bank , providing loan from bank 200 SHG. 
  5.  Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna Evaluation Progam (2014 to 2016) In association with NABARD Consltancy Service, ISWS implemented evaluation program in 3 District of Maharashta i.e Gondia, Bhandara and Nagpur. ISWS done the survey of 14 schemes implemented for welfare of farmers by Govt Of Maharashtra and Govt. Of India.
  6. Financial Literacy Program (2014 to 2018) In association with NABARD, FLP program was conducted in Gondia District and Bhandara District. 230 program was organized at 230 villages. 35000 are the benificaries of this program.In this program, information about various schemes implemented by Govt Of INDIA is given through street play. It is a kind of awerness program regarding Government Schemes . Eg. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, Sukanya
    Samurudhi Yojna, Pension and Insurance, Debit Card etc.
  7.  NABARD- JLG Program (2021 to up to date)
    In association with NABARD, ISWS form 340 women & Men JLG in 4 blocks ( Gondia, Amgaon, Salekasa & Goregaon of Gondia District. JLG included BPL and Non-BPL, poor and needy members for business purpose . Linking with VKGB bank , providing loan from bank to 132 JLG.

CHILDLINE Project (Aug 2019 to 31 Aug 2023)

Ministry of Women and Child Development Govt.of India, CHILDLINE Indian Foundation and ISWS with Colloboration implementing this program in rural and trible area of Gondia district the role of ISWS missing children, abused children, domestic child workers, runaway childrens, children in need of medical help dial 1098 toll free no. which shall function as the call centers for CHILDLINE. our work 24hours and respond to calls that are received on the 1098 CHILDLINE service. ISWS provided with a center coordinator who manages a team of 9 persons that respond to calls and intervene in emergency cases.